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How do I measure the drop for a bedspread?Updated 2 years ago

Measure the length from the top of the corner of the mattress to the floor. It is important that you do not guess - the heights of platform beds and box springs vary widely, and luxury mattresses can range from 8" thick visco-elastic memory foam to 20" thick pillow tops. If you are waiting for your new bed or mattress to arrive, ask your sales person to measure the actual corner height of the mattress. Because of the way mattresses are shaped, a mattress that is20" at the crown (middle) is may only measure 17" at the corner. Examine the bedspread construction you are choosing - a "fitted" version should probably stop an inch above the floor, so subtract one inch from your measurement. A looser "tablecloth" version should reach all the way to the floor and puddle slightly at the corners.

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