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What is the difference between a sham and a pillowcase?Updated 2 years ago

Shams and pillowcases are both used to protect pillow inserts, but there are a wide variety of constructions. Even more confusing, the “Oxford pillowcase” in England is the same construction as a “standard flanged sham” in the United States. Typically, pillowcases loosely encase the pillow and are open on the side, whereas shams are more fitted and employ some method of closure to keep the pillow in place. At MATTEO, we always offer shams as well as pillowcases in our fine sheeting. However, for our top-of -bed textiles we only offer shams because of their more decorative function in the United States. Our shams range from the classic voluminous flanged sham to modern designs edged with sleek piping closed with an invisible zipper.

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